Groin Guard (Inside)
 Groin Guard (Inside) - Official TAGB Sparing Equipment..Shock absorbing and a great provider o..
Breaker Boards
Breaker BoardsSpecifically to practice your Braking Skills...
Breaking Board Holder
Breaking Board Holder Free standing and variable height ..
Double Focus Target
Double Focus Target The handle features elastic strap and nylon strap closure.Great tool to tra..
Fit Kick Bags
Fit Kick Bags Ideal for improving your punch and kick technique at homeThe base of these freest..
Focus Pad
Circular vinyl pad double-stitched fordurability with TAGB logo on theface. Ideal for focussing tech..
Junior Breaker Boards
Foam backed boards especially designed for juniors. Available in yellow (easiest) and blue (a little..
String Bags
String Bags Perfect for carrying your sparring equipment ..
The towels are designed with soft edges and absorbent material to enhance the removal of sweat...
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